The Body Keeps Score

A Sense of Home, Truth and Discovery

Six examples how early childhood experiences can affect our health later in life.

Winter Squash Curry

A Sense of Home, Nourish

A nourishing meal to repeat over and over again!

What Baby Mae Eats!

A Sense of Home, More About Me, Nourish, Truth and Discovery

One of the basic spices used in this recipe is Turmeric. If you have read anything about healing with food, There’s a guarantee that Turmeric is mentioned somewhere. It is most often advertised as the spice that lowers inflammation in the body!

Postpartum + Chronic Illness Symptoms the Double Whammy

A Sense of Home, More About Me, Truth and Discovery

Something as routine as having a baby. Shouldn’t it be that…a routine? Not only routine, but a phenomenal occurrence that women have displayed since the beginning of Eve conceiving and birthing a child. But it is still routine.